We bring comedy to you!

Here’s a couple of ways we do that:


Our Homestead

An entertainment precinct that comes alive with our shows. We deliver 4 x completely different 20 minute shows at our Homestead.

Think aerial circus antics, choreographed whip cracking, knockabout acrobatics, dogs, horses and gags that you’d never see coming! It’s a 14x12m interactive set, complete with exploding dunny, aerial windmill, sound system and lighting


Main Arena Shows

We can create entertainment to fill any arena space. Our main arena comedy acts are remembered for their old fashioned humour and tongue in cheek acts of complete ridiculousness.

We’ve worked with Monster Trucks, 100 tonne cranes, miniature motorbikes, bulls that split in half and cows with very wild ways!


Festivals & Street Shows

Bring big bold comedy and a fun atmosphere to your festival or street show! The Crackup Sisters will capture your audience’s attention and have people of all ages cracking up.

Pub Shows

Talk about getting your crowd rocking. After learning a bit about your local history, we’ll create interactive games and a show for your local pub. Trust us, the town will talk about it 'til the cows come home.


Special Events

The Crackup Sisters would be delighted to host your next event! Whatever it is, we’ll bring colour, cheekiness, crowd participation and fun games that get your audience involved.


We provide workshops in hulla hoop, Australian stockwhip cracking, aerial acrobatics, acrobatics, comedy and expression through creativity. Our workshops are available for all ages and skill levels.


Rodeo Speciality Acts

As guests at the 2014 NFR in Las Vegas, The Crackup Sisters are currently the only women working comedy in professional rodeo today!

We have a swag of original rodeo comedy specialty acts. We work well with announcers and stock contractors, and crowds love the way we splat and tumble across arenas, bringing physical old fashioned comedy stunts to audiences as a welcomed break from the serious side of rodeo.