We built with everyone

We saw our house in 2015, it was half a house, it had the back ripped off, a hand made for sale sign and it oozed personality.

w. side house Twiggs
MDR_3252 copy
panelled front veranda

The Story So Far!

With two coffees under our belts, we made a handshake deal over the phone and became the new owners of half a house on the main street of Winton.

We built dreams, ideas and continued to work around Australia. Winston and Glenda Williams approached us at The Big Red Bash in 2019 and offered two weeks in September to get it going.

We went for it. When the big Covid shutdown happened in 2020 we were able to dedicate time to building. There was a shout out across the country to send in building materials people had lying around and with that we built our house. Uncle Winston and Aunty Glenda (now adopted) led the process with William Crawford keeping Struthie’s spirits strong and loads of labour.

Huge thanks go to so many from the Winton community who loaned us tools, labour, equipment, to fans who popped in for a day or a week to paint, drill, strip, sweat. And to the ones who believed in the project from day one and followed along, your support has been overwhelming.

Rowdy and Struthie have been at the helm since the first strike of iron and continue to welcome creative artists, and craftspeople to add their flair and ideas to the house.

Sisters Pommie and Pickles, Twiggs, B-Ute and Iffy have all had adding their bits, thoughts, and their energy from afar, it all feeds into the one house – a house created by and for many.

With so much support and stories we knew the place had to be open to everyone. So, it’s become a museum to outback performers, a celebration of outback arts and a monument to outback and traditional building with real hardwood and the bits you find.

We’re still a while off finishing but we sure are thankful and proud.

Please enjoy this little doco created with Article One featuring Uncle Winston and Aunty Glenda, supported by Queensland Government, Arts Queensland.