You'll have a Crack'in Good Time In Winton

Winton and our surrounding areas have tonnes of stuff to do.

Walking down our main street lined with party lights all year round, you’ll always be entertained with someone keen for a yarn. It’s gotta be one of the friendliest towns around.

Winton's Royal Outdoor Cinema

The Royal Theatre

One of only two outdoor cinemas in Australia. Beautifully cared for, and a great array of surprising films.

Host to the annual Vision Splendid Film Festival.

Horse and Wagon town tours

Find these at The Australian Hotel, twice daily.

Locals’ knowledge, on a round town buggy ride taking in the sites and learning Winton facts you’ll never hear anywhere else!

Horse & Carriage1
WMC - 8

Waltzing Matilda Centre and Art Gallery

Stunning design museum will take you half a day to enjoy the history and state of the art presentation!


Dinosaurs Galore!

The Australian Age Of Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs … Yep Winton is home to a humungous collection found on surrounding properties.

These tours, and the facilities they’re housed in, are incredible in a very stunning part of the country.

Dinosaur Stampede at Lark Quarry

A darn nice drive south of town to see the largest display of dinosaur footprints in the world.

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Heritage Truck Museum

We’re a trucking town!

Transport is a large part of keeping our country connected.

This extensive collection has been donated from across Australia. Trucks, horse drawn vehicles and tractors. Beautifully restored and housed, a good couple of hours of looking.

Red Dirt Tours and Outback from Above

A fabulous selection of guided tours by comfy bus and by chopper or plane. See the country, hear the stories and get to the places you couldn’t on your own. All nice and comfy.

Winton Locations #2

Must Do's

The Musical Fence

Make your own beat – anytime of the day. Music makes you dance.

Arno’s Wall

Local legend who built a wall with everything. Walk along and be inspired. Walk behind The North Gregory Hotel and follow your nose.

Corfield and Fitzmaurice.

Big building on the main street, houses wares made locally and stories of Winton Commerce.

Iconic Shops & Pubs!

Searles Outback Store

Has everything you could ever want. From ammunition to dental floss.
The true one stop shop.

Four very different and lovely pubs including:

The Australian Hotel, The North Gregory, The Tattersals and The Winton.

About town signs

Photos courtesy of Tourism and Events Queensland