Where Are We?

100 Elderslie St, Winton QLD 4735


On The Road

All great roads lead to Winton! We’re fully accessible via bitumen, or you can come via some great dirt roads for the off-roaders.

Things to know:

  • There are a few spots along the way without mobile reception. Keep in touch with people so they know when you’ve left and when you expect to arrive.
  • Always keep water in your car for you and your vehicle.
  • Outback Queensland roads are filled road trains transporting stuff. Road trains are two and three trailers in our part of the country. Be mindful as their sight and manoeuvrability is not the same as a Honda Jazz. Up to 50m in length pulling up to 150tonne. When driving on single lane roads always pull off to the side and allowing trucks to have the whole road.
  • UHF channel is 40 for communications amongst transport. Please be mindful no one wants to hear ‘bout your next dunny stop.

Flying Here

Regional Express (REX) fly directly into Winton. There are flights on Tuesday and Thursday into Winton, on a loop departing from Townsville, which connect with Qantas Link flights in Longreach.

Please be aware when flying into Winton that the Airport is located 5km from the town.

Winton runs a mini-bus service - check out the Winton Visitor Information Centre for the service.

We don’t have a taxi or uber in town - You could also ring us, except we’re real expensive and hardly ever available.

An alternative to flying directly into Winton is to take the daily Qantas Link flight from Brisbane to Longreach, where there are several hire car companies available - Avis and Budget.

Also you can fly yourself in – by plane, chopper, blimp or balloon, same directions as above.

(Tho if you do fly into town in a blimp please call, we need to meet.)

Council runs our airstrip – you pilots will work that out.

Struth on cloud

Catch'n A Bus

Greyhound coach services run real fast and daily between Brisbane and Mt Isa and Mount Isa and Brisbane. This service stops in Winton. There are also Greyhound services operating from Longreach to Emerald.  The buses offer an on the road experience with a hands free options.

On The Iron Horse

Get into the spirit of feet up and hearing the clickity clack of rail lines.

Spirit of the Outback rail services run twice-weekly to and from Brisbane to Longreach. There is a coach link to Winton.