Fancy A Sleepover?

We know how exciting it is having sleepovers at ya mate's place, so we welcome you to come sleep over at ours in Winton!

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Coming Soon!

We’ve got a kitchen, room with a view, veranda, table and all the usual stuff. Plus our house is FILLED with artists' work from across the country. Painted on the walls, floors and ceilings, interesting books to read, couches to sit on, things to colour, architecture to be revelled in, and stories of how we rebuilt our broken down, should have been demolished and brought back to life, house.

You’ll have to work out (just like we do) which of the 15 light switches work, and how to open the kitchen cupboard and find the key to get in.

"We’ve created a place for you to experience, be inspired, encouraged to use your problem-solving skills, be surprised and have a laugh"

Everything at our place is environmentally friendly. We use bi-card soda, eucalyptus and vinegar to clean, our soaps are real and toilet paper recycled.

We’re smoke free and filled to the hilt with things to do and places to be. Or if ya just want to lay around we have big comfy beds, reverse cycle fancy aircon, strong or mood lighting, hot and cold showers!

For an afternoon, night and morning you’ll talk about forever. Come stay at our place!

  • Bedroom 1 Queen Bed
  • Bedroom 2 Queen Bed plus bunk single beds
  • Sleep out 1 single bed
  • Plus a pull out mattress
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Internal fire extinguisher etc

The Houses History

Home of the Crackup Sisters since 2015, this quintessential outback house was built by the Grant Family and stands on the land of the Koa people. We fell in love with this place, as a half house full of character, about to be demolished - we saw potential!

So, in 2020, amongst the Covid quiet time, under the guidance of Uncle Winston and Aunty Glenda Williams, we got cracking with friends & fans from around the country getting involved (Infact Uncle Winston has brought this house to life from the brink of extinction ... Huge Round of applause for bringing clown's dreams to life).

Most of the materials used in the build have been donated, from second hand hard wood timber to old doors, windows and unwanted taps. The house officially holds the stories of many and goes to show that nothing needs to be wasted and there is so much life in us all. As Uncle Winston says, ‘time and patience’ and this is what hand crafting is all about.

We had a lot of laughs, shared a lot of stories, and learnt so much as we built our new home.

We are thrilled you are here to witness it!

Pitching roof

"Voted Winton's worst luxury beachside apartment 2022"